Letter to myself:

I thought I would never end.
Yes, they harmed us.
Yes, we had almost been abused by someone who raised us.
Yes, no one
should know that feeling.
Yes, our innocence was stolen.
But you’re doing to me what he did to me.
He obligated us to satisfy him that way. Then, you were obsessed on knowing WHAT COULD FEEL SO GOOD TO MAKE HIM HARM US, HIS PRECIOUS ONES, LIKE HE DID, so you finally tried it.
You believed you were entitled to do it because of the pain you suffered, but you have not seen: you are just like him, you are obligating me do something I don’t want. You’re abusing me as well. You took the little innocence he left remaining on me. I know I can’t have it back but I can decide not to suffer anymore. I don’t want to be your slave. Not slave to sin. He will not cone back, you don’t need to hide from the pain. You don’t need to show me you don’t belong to him, you belong to God! I am free to decide, yes I am, thank you for teaching me that. But now, I decide to live a pure lifen

Letter from my sex addict:

You like it. If you don’t do two weeks at all is because you like the feeling. Not because I am coward and I am traumatized and I need to run away from memories… You’re not a child anymore, his child, he turned you into a monster and now you think you should try to change my life? You looked forward to it. Tthe first time was awesome. I know what problem you have: you don’t like the idea of not feeling it again. You can just use me twice per month if you want, if that makes you feel you’re still a good Christian person, who will blame you for doing it twice a moth? Oh, you.
You will.