Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict,
It’s great you made the first step. I’m so proud of you, you finally did it! After a couple of years of battling you did it. I remember when you quit for a while, but it popped right up. I remember when you thought you quit and I was rooting for you but you gave in the temptation. I know it’s hard, I know but I believe that you CAN do it. I’m glad you’ve admitted you have a problem. I remember all the times you said you could quit and you didn’t, I was pretty sad. I now believe that you can. I believe that God has a place for you and he gives you only as much as you can handle, and I know when, and I know you WILL, you conquer it, everything else will be easier; you can live life and be happy. Addict it’s ok. God is here. He is alive. He is wonderful, and I know you feel like He can’t hear you, but He can. Your bestfriend, totally clueless about your addiction sent you this website, and I know it was for a reason. It was for you to finally quit. I know you’ll can do this. This may not be easy but stick to it. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it. You don’t know how much I believe in you. Man I sure am exciting to see your lives years on when you finally conquer it. Remember God always loves you. He will always forgive you. He is here to help. Trust Him. I love you, get better, see you in 30 days….

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear “Recovering Sex Addict”
You think you can get away from me? I’m great at being bad. I am scum. In fact, you’re scum for letting me take over your life. I’m never letting you go. I’m taking you to the grave with me. You started this many years ago and now you want to quit? Hahahaha I’m not letting that happen. I’m trapping you forever. I’m never letting you go. I ruin millions of lives and now I’m going to ruin yours. I bet you, you won’t go a week without me. >;)

Sincerely Yours, Sex Addiction