Letter to myself:

To the Addict,
You are broken. You are crippled and lame. You are dependent. You cling to the drug you love so much as if it was the breath that keeps you living, when the reality is you are already dead. The noxious fumes of this poison have enveloped you in a fog so dark that you can’t even move. Utterly broken. You can’t save yourself. You will try. But it’s pointless… at least, that is if you try to overcome this alone. There is a cure. There is life. It comes from one man. A man who died so that your sickly, drug ridden self could gasp and gulp the fresh air of freedom and live a true life. This is the only way. There is no other option. Fill your lungs with HIM and let his spirit be your healing drug. Become addicted to his love. Desire it. Need it. He will always give. He will always save. He has died for me. This is where you make a stand. Though you are a broken, frail, crippled monster you can stand and defend against the evil that tries to overtake you. raise the banner. Use the GOD given strength to fight! Don’t lose heart! Believe!

Letter from my sex addict:

From the Addict,
I am broken. I am crippled and lame. I am weak and frail. I am sick and ugly. I am poisoned. I cling to what I think is life… but I am dead.

But there is hope. There is HIM. He is strong. He lifts me up. He makes me well. He makes my beautiful. He fills my lungs with his sweet breath of life. I can stand. I can fight. I believe.