Letter to myself:

For so long you have tried to keep your private life in the dark, afraid of what people would think if you, a leader in your church, your youth group, your school, struggled with something like porn. You have been afraid of people would think and so you completely sever those two parts of your life. Let God in. Let Him rule, not only in the life that everyone sees, but the life that you keep a secret. There is nothing in this world that Jesus has not yet over come, he is your example, continue to strive after the cross. Let his love and grace invade every dark corner. You no longer have anything to fear.

Letter from my sex addict:

I hope that in the time between me writing this letter and me receiving it that a lot has changed. I hope you’re still the same person that doesn’t care what people think, that loves loving Jesus above all else. I hope you still lead worship and do so in a way that glorifies God above all else. With all of that I hope you have overcome the sin that entangled us for so long. I hope that you have seen that God is better. He is greater than your desires, He can fill you in ways that your temptations never could. With this growth I hope you have developed into the great man of God that I want to become one day.