Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict: you have come through a lot you once were in chains but now you are free. Through the power of the blood. You battled you fought unto the day you gave up and surrendered everything to God. that is how you break free. You remember the nights that you were up late couldn’t sleep and you fall into porn and masturbation and you remember how much it left you feeling empty. made you feel like crap. Thinking your alone, thinking a girlfriend would stop the addiction. but after how many break ups and liars and backstabbers did you fall back? you did thinking it was a way to get back at those who hurt you to get back at God for letting you go through such a terrible relationship time and time again. always wondering where the one will come from. you make vows to God saying if you give me this girl or that then you would stop yet even if God blessed you with one wasn’t shortly you realized they weren’t satisfying you and you would go back to porn. believing it would save you from the pain, making you block out real life and for 5mins to an hr you could just realese and forget about everything yet you know it never satisfied it didn’t make you feel good in fact it made you feel worse than what you did before. You searched and searched you confessed and confessed but all you really needed to do was lay down your pride and ego. Once you did that you became free. you no longer lingered the internet looking for instant gratification but you go into Gods word or go fellowship with someone. Continue to walk with Jesus daily. Do not worry about having a girlfriend but be happy and enjoy your eternal relationship with God through Jesus. God has someone special lined up for you in his timing but he wants you to do his work right now by being single. Its tough to swallow but remember you are a man made after Gods own heart. you joke around being Peter well be like him. God wants to use you in ways that you cannot comprehend farther than what you can ever imagine. Once you start relying on Him you will fulfill Gods purpose. So stop stressing out on being single stop stressing out over how you look. stop stressing out of moving out of your parents house. don’t worry about tomorrow focus on the second at hand God is using you right now. YOu know how good you feel after you share the Gospel do not let your mind or heart be changed by looking at that smut but put on Gods armor and enjoy his blessings . You will see God do magnifiacant things in your life when you break free of the chains. You are no longer bound to these chains. Die to yourself. pick up the cross and follow him !!!

Letter from my sex addict:

I am your addiction you have made me to what I am today by chosing to think this was the best way to get back at people who hurt you. instead of listing to God and trusting in Him. Run to God !!