Changing my life want to quit porngraphy for ever but this was a hard thing to do

I start porngraphy when I was 14 and start to b addict to it and it leaded me to masturbating at 1st it was good but I did not see that is kill my self-esteem,self confidence I realase when I’m 18 that I dnt social wit people and most of all my girl friend I didn’t have time wit her antll she left me now the problem strated they becoz in my mind I have told my self that I dnt have a girl friend no friend at all is when I started to be inlove wit porn and masturbating a lot and I did that for 3 year no girl no friend just me and porngraphy I realase that I can live alone I need help I went to a friend tell him my friend I have a problem wit porngraphy and it lead me to masturbating he languged at and he went to tell the whole school that I’m masturbating watching porn and that thing lowed my self-esteem,my confidence I start to not trust anyone becoz I ddnt find help go back 2 porn and masturbating for other 6-8 months.