Letter to myself:

You are so afraid of rejection from others. You want intimacy and so you take the easy way out. It is difficult being an single male at your age. There are not many opportunities with others who share your life situation. Do not shrink from those opportunities, though. Above all else, pursue God. Make the effort to go to church more than just Sunday morning to build quality relationships with other Christians. It is worth it. An all-out pursuit of God and good Christian friendships helped you stay sexually sober for over a year at one point not so long ago. If you want to see others come to know Christ, replace those wasted hours running after the 2D, glossed-over crap of pornography with hours in the Word, praying, singing and worshiping. Your desire to spend time with the right people will increase. Your desire to live for God will be become your everything. He may still have a wife, or least some good female friends, for you to enjoy life with. But first you need to trust Him that He is the best thing you will ever have. He has taken your sins away and He has called you friend. He loves you so much that you never need to feel alone. Trust in His goodness. He is so good that you don’t need porn or any other sin to fill that void in your life. In Christ you can have lasting victory. Let others help you and let others get to know you to lift you up because there will still be moments of temptation. But, praise God, these are real people not just pictures and videos that bring temporary excitement and then frustration and condemnation. May the verses in Psalm 101 and Romans 6 that you have memorized continously come to mind to help combat the temptation that can so easily entrap you. You belong to God. The enemy cannot have a foothold. “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.”

Letter from my sex addict:

I am so frustrated that I cannot beat this. I know that the answer is in God but my faith is lacking right now. When I have been persistent in pursuing God, I have found victory over these addictive sins. I can be free from this addiction to porn. Don’t give up on God and finding help from other godly people. I don’t want to go back to this cycle of sin that keeps me from moving forward. Help!