Letter to myself:

Dear porn addict,
You are always holding me back from growth. You don’t seam to care at all how you will affect me and how your choices do affect other people too. I am trying to rely on God and grow on a deeper level, but you always feel the need to stunt that growth. Yes, I am lonely at times, but that is no excuse for watching porn and masturbating. I cant keep you in my life. I know you have been apart of it for long but this isn’t a relationship I can keep around anymore. LEAVE ME ALONE! Get out of my life and never speak to me again. I want to be an amazing man of God and serve Him with every part of my being and you keep me from doing that. Please see how you are tainting what love is and how you are warping it for a temporary pleasure. I need you to see this and let me live a life away from you if I will every feel fully content in myself and who I am in Christ. Goodbye for good.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear useless,
You ARE a joke! What do you think you will be without me?? You think that anyone will love you? You think that without me for comfort you will make it through the week? You pride yourself on how laid back you are and how you don’t really get stressed out and don’t realize, that is me! You need me to take off the edge. I’m sick of your pathetic existence where you think you don’t need me and can make it without me. If you just would stop pretending this isn’t who you are, then you wouldn’t have the internal conflict and be able to enjoy me and what I have more. I WILL take you with me, You will become me fully and don’t you dare think that you will EVERY exist fully apart from me. I’m going to mess with you and give you some time where you think you are OK without me and then I will swing in when you think you are strong and show you who owns this body. Bring it on you pathetic piece of crap! You act like you win after a week but I’m really just sitting back watching you swing at the air until I decide its time to stand up and knock you down. You say goodbye? I say good luck with that! I’ll see you soon!