Dear sex/porn addict,

You’ve taken hold of me ever since I was in high school. I was a fool to have let you put a foot in my life’s door. You’ve taken away many meaningful relationships. Instead of focusing on a Christ centered friendship/relationship, I let you take lead. Remember my first girlfriend? Yeah, she’ll never see guys the same. You took control of her. You’re lucky God protected us so many times. I could’ve gone to jail but instead God displayed his mercy.

Because of you I can’t look at any woman the same. My heart is lustful and my mind sapped of purity. I love you…but hate you at the same time. You make me feel good, but that feel good feeling got me nowhere. It’s time to let you go.

I’ve tried so many times to lock you in the cage you deserved but I was so naive. Why do I keep feeding you? I’m leaving for the Navy soon and I’d like to leave you behind…FOR GOOD.

I want to be able to meet at a nice woman without lusting over her body. I want to be able to sit in church without thinking about the erotic picture you showed me on the internet. I want to be able to start a family without having to worry about you taking them away.