Dear sEX Addict,

Today i declare war on you. I hate what you have become. You have ruined me…
1. You have taken all my God given confidence as a man, husband and pastor
2. You have been making me live such a defeated life
3. You are threatening to ruin my marriage and family
4. You consume my thoughts to such an extreme i can’t get anything done
5. You make me hate myself for all my thoughts, actions and desires
6. You have taken the power that i could be leading my church with, away and replaced is with some weak, confused, “just getting by” pastor–which is ridiculous because i know who God has called me to be.
7. You continually lie to me that somehow “i need you” and that “momentary pleasure” is worth losing my adorable wife, my kids that i love that i don’t even know yet, my calling as a pastor and most importantly my powerful relationship with the Holy Spirit. You are really good at lying to me…and now i know the destruction is your game.

There’s no easier way to say this, but I have sold everything i hold dear to you for a sack of shit. You made it seem that i was getting a sack of gold but you lied and deceived me. I regret ever letting you open your mouth!

I’m done, i’ve entertained your shit for over 10 years now and its made me worse off as a person than i ever could imagine. You literally make me feel like i am having an affair every day…you have stolen and violated my marriage. I can’t even enjoy sex with my wife because of you.
Depression is not even a question anymore…i am depressed, I even thought about taking my life now and then…yeah that would have made you happy, you sick bastard.

No More! I’m done running, i am here to reclaim all that you violated and stole from me…i will become a man of God again, that will be dedicated to prayer, reading of scripture, preaching about Christ with passion and anointing and a true lover of my wife and family.

i’m here to fight and defeat you, not with my power by the power i am going to get from the Holy Spirit…yeah that one. the same power that raise Christ from the dead…it’s in me now. And if my memory serves me right, you got your ass kicked! 😉

Rot in hell…