Dear Sex Addict,

You have done a great job telling me that you are in control; that the only possible way to survive is by giving you my power. You know what? You had me believing every word that came out of your mouth.

I now know the truth; YOU lied and deceived me all along the way. You are not powerful but extremely confused. Your truth is full of deception.

Here’s the new truth and reality I would like to share with you: you are not as strong as I thought you were. You are a scared, fearful, and deeply hurt little boy who is desperately trying to numb the pain by acting out sexually.

 Let me tell you what I’m willing to do to gain my power back:

1. I am changing my belief system about myself. Here’s my new belief system…

a. I am worth saving
b. I am worth being loved
c. I am loved by many just the way I AM
d. I deserve to be protected.
e. I belong to God and with HIS help, you don’t stand a chance. I am OK with being me.

2. I will be a Truth-Teller

a. I will not lie to myself, friends, accountability partners, therapist, my men’s group, and most importantly my wife
b. When I lie, I will apologize and proceed to tell the truth
c. I will tell the truth no matter the consequence.

3. I will protect myself

a. Wednesday night men’s group
b. Genesis project group (next 6 months)
c. I will get a spiritual advisor
d. I will join 2 more recovery groups (SA or SLAA)
e. Daily phone calls
f. I will meditate / pray daily
g. I will take care of my body.

4. I will change my belief about God

a I BELONG TO GOD–I am HIS. God does love me!
b. God accepts me!!!
c.. God wants to save me!!!

My life will be different from this day forward. You are done controlling me and directing my life. I will always be mindful of you; your deceitful, dishonest, and destructive lies. I will make it my life’s work to expose who you are.

Up yours,