Letter to myself:

Hey punk, this time you’re going down. I don’t care about all the other times or about past failures because this time is different. I’m doing this for God, Myself, and my future Wife. You are hurt, and I understand that, but sex needs to be something healthy that is sanctioned by God. Not some gross imitation of intimacy. In order to do this, I will get an accountability partner who I can speak the whole truth with. I will tell my parents and get help from them. I will change my view on women and see them for the beautiful souls that they are, and not for the lustful flesh i have been seeing. I won’t find loopholes through this that will cause me to lust over women. I will keep doing this even past the 30 days because you will be a starved and puny by then.

Letter from my sex addict:

Really? you think that you can really follow through this time? You haven’t gone three months without porn or masturbation since 5th grand and now you think it will change? HA! You are the real puny one, scared of everything. Scared that you will be rejected or that someone will find out. I will play to your every fear and tear you down brick by brick to where God won’t be able to use you at all. Your potential will go to waste and you will never be the man that God wants you to be. Always here, Your Addict