Letter to myself:

Dear addicted self

You have jumped on and off my back for the past 6 years. Whenever I was feeling a lack of direction, or facing confusing situations you would always show up offering some kind of reprieve. Which would only end in me knowing what a deception that was. And leave me feeling empty. I have often wonderd why I would turn to you for comfort. And for a while it confused me. But I came to the realization that the reason I do this is because it is the easiest out. I would justify it saying it was ok because, I knew of many professing Christians who practiced watching porn. I know I have depend my confusion of your behavior, because I myself would council young men on the very issue of you, and know how to overcome you. And yet allow myself to fall prey to you. It was because I have doubted myself, and the validity of being able to overcome you. But I know truly that you are a lier and a tool used by the enemy to contort and confuse my thinking. I will not continue to be bound to you. My father in heaven is calling me ever upward, into the greater understanding of who he is, and the life he has for me. You are but a thorn in my side which the father desires to remove from my life once and for all. I will be free from you the Lord has already made it so. All I need do is simply walk into the truth and understanding that Christ laid out before me. You have been a distraction in my life for far to long. I’m tired of baring the burden of you, and the fear of failing that comes with it. The Lord has already set me free from you. I know it because their were long periods of time I went without you. All I need do is simply in grain the freeing truth of Christ within me. I now pledge to
t Stop believing the lies of the enemy

2 I will listen to the truth that has been spoken over me that being that I am a son of the living God and have been set free from all things that would hinder my growth in Christ.

3 The Lord has a great plan and purpose for my life and I will not allow you to ruin it

4 I will do whatever is necessary to be free from you

5 I will stand for the place of truth purity and holiness even when others around mock me

6 I will choose the greater passion of love which the father has placed within me, rather than the meger crumbs of lust.

7 I will be free from your hold over my life. Because the one I serve is much greater than you.

Letter from my sex addict:

You have always needed and wanted me. Do you think by writing this letter you are making some kind of new statement please we have been through all of this before and we know you always end right back with me you haven’t changed anything I will just outwit and confuse you again and do will be right back where we started and come on it’s ok I mean it’s not like you are doing it every day leave this alone and I promise not to bother you to often I will just come and check up on you every once and a while besides if you keep pushing to get free of me I will only confuse you more stop now before you dig yourself into a deeper hole you need me go escape the pain it’s OK everyone is doing it you can see I have the world in the palm of my hand in fact if you just stop fighting me all together who knows maybe I could get you just what you desire from the world you know it’s only a matter of time before I get everyone else

Sincerely your little habit