Dear Sex Addict,

How come after all these years you never told me what your name was? I think it’s peculiar, but it doesn’t surprise me. You were always more about hiding from everyone that you were about intimacy. Now I’m onto you I know your name. I found out who you really were. I thought we were going to be together forever, but this wasn’t willing matrimony, it was slavery. I was forced into this relationship. I never wanted to be with you. I was so young and you took advantage of that. Now I have grown up and I have a store of courage. I AM LEAVING.

I know you. You are not going to let me go so easily. You are going to follow me and to stalk me where ever I go. However before you celebrate let me tell you something: I am cunning just like you. So here is what I am going to do to make sure all of your efforts end up in ashes:

1. There are things I’m going to believe
a. I am worth saving
b. I can be saved
c. I am loved
d. recovery is possible
e. God’s will is for me to be free.
f. I am useful and I am made with a purpose
2. There are some new friends I’m going to trust
a. God
b. The Word
c. My program
d. My sponsor
3. There are some things that I am going to do.
a. I am going to work my recovery program in SAA
b. I am going to be honest no matter what
1). With God
2). With myself
3). With my sponsor
4). With my therapist
c. I am going to go to meetings
d. I am going to follow God
e. I going to take what ever measures its gonna take to get free and stay free.
f. I’m always going to be accountable to someone
g. I am going to use web accountability software

4. I am going to treat myself right
a. I’m going talk to myself gently
b. I’m going to take care of my physical needs
1). hygiene
2). Sleep
3). Eating well
4). health (seeing a Dr. when I need to and exercise)

SO there you see. If you are gonna keep chasing me you are going to be frustrated for the rest of your life. Because I’m not going to quit. I know that my God will take care of me. So be careful, if you cross me you are crossing HIM.

Not Yours Anymore