Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict,

I have believed your lies for too long. I have let you corrupt my life and cause me to withdraw from the people who really loved me. I let you control my desires and run rampant over my emotions, but, no longer will this go on. I’m done with your lies, with your manipulating ways, with your controlling grasp. God has dissolved this hostage situation, and put into place Godly protectors (My Accountability Partners) instead of a controlling, manipulative jail warden like you. You almost cost me Lilly, the love of my life, and all of the other amazing relationships that God has put in my life; but no longer will I live in secret and jeopardize those relationships. And guess what? Because God loves me (Yeah, he loves me! That’s more than I can say for the relationship we had. All you ever did was hurt me), He has made all those people, like Lilly, who I have loved all along, but felt I had to hide from, love me. Again I’ll say it; guess what? Instead of allowing those relationships to deteriorate with all of this coming to light, Jesus, as only He can, has granted a greater love than was there before to fill the void I felt by being addicted to porn. Yeah, that’s right! I love Lilly more now than I ever did before, because I don’t have to struggle with those feelings of secrecy and shame anymore in my relationship with her. And likewise, Lilly loves me now more than ever because we have a true bond now, not just some sham relationship, where we feel as if we are hiding things from each other. So yeah! You no longer have a hold over me, and you never will again, because God holds my hand. And although I might fall, I will never be overwhelmed, because God holds my hand and will never, ever, let go. Goodbye sex addict. You have no hold over me anymore, and therefore, no reason for you to hang around anymore. So, Sayonara Sucker!

Yours Truly,
Redeemed By The Grace Of God

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey Buddy, you might think that you have me defeated, but just wait until you find out life without me isn’t so peachy keen after all. I mean, who are you going to turn to now that your sad? Some God that isn’t even here? Yeah, sounds real comforting! And I find it really funny how you think your relationship with your girl is so much better now that I’m gone. Just you wait until you realize that she holds that against you, just like everything else that you’ve done to hurt her. That’s right, I know about when you went to her house to “watch a movie and spend time with her”. Just think about how bad that hurts her knowing you were addicted to porn this whole time, and now that how memories of that day go from “Oh, we love each other, so it’s okay if we made out for a couple hours”, to, “what if he was fantasizing about those girls while he was making out with me?”. Sucks for you doesn’t it? And it’s not just that day, but all of her memories are like that. She hates you for that dude. You were supposed to be her Prince Charming that would protect her from ever getting hurt again, but you just stabbed her in the back. You hurt her worse than anything she could’ve imagined. She trusted you, all the while you were being a double agent and looking at porn. She’s going to dump you soon, and then you’re going to see how bad you hurt her, and you’re going to hate yourself. Maybe then, you’ll come crawling back to me. Or maybe you won’t. But, trust me, eventually, you’re going to hate yourself too much not to come back to me. And then I’ll have won. But yeah, dude, your life’s over. All this good stuff that’s happening to you, it’s just an illusion. Porn is going to define you for the rest of your life, and you can never escape it. Just know I’m here waiting for you when you fail and decide to come back

Yours truly,
Sex Addict