Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Related Manga Addict,
You keep telling yourself that you have everything under control, that your sin/addiction has now power over you. You are WRONG! You Lied! You have no power to control this, you never have, and you never will. So, what are you going to do about it?
1) I will change how I perceive myself
a) I am loved despite my failings
b) I am worth saving
c) I am worth being loved
d) I belong to God. With HIS help YOU don’t stand a chance!
e) I am ok with being me
f) I have VALUE
2) I will tell the TRUTH
a) I will not lie to my parents, sister, friends, or counselling buddy
b) When I lie I will apologize and tell the truth
c)I will tell the truth despite the consquences
3) I will protect myself
a) I will turn off electronics at/by midnight
b) I will attend a Bible study weekly
c) I will find a spiritual mentor
d) I will find a group to help me (like an accountability group/person)
e) I will meditate on God’s word and pray daily
f) I will memorize Scripture (1 verse per week)
g) I will take care of my body and health
4) I will change my belief about God
a) I am His-ALL I am belong to HIM
b) God Loves me
c) God accepts me
d) God can make me clean/give me a clean slate
e) God WANTS to save me
f) God can transform me
g) God can give me a tender heart again
h) God values me
My life will be different from this day forth! I will always be aware and mindful of you but you will NOT CONTROL ME ANYMORE!!!! Your sole claims are built on fairytales and lies. I will make it my goal in life to expose your tendencies and lies and deceitful nature.
No Longer Yours Truly,

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey “No Longer Mine”
You think you are over this, that all of a sudden it is no big deal? That making it go away will be easier? HA! Try again! I am here to stay. No matter what you say or do I will always be here! I will always be in the back of your mind ready and waiting for that weak point and to remind you of what you’ve done. You know it will affect others and that it will DESTROY your marriage… ”IF” you get married. HA! WHO would want a girl like you? Not the type of guy you want. Not at your current standards! If you really want to get married, you’ll have to drop your standards, drastically!
I will continue to leave you empty, bored, and alone. I will destroy your friendships and any relationship leaving you ALL ENTIRELY ALONE! They will be reppelled by what you’ve read! I will destroy you!
You don’t really realize how difficult it will be to get over me. You may feel better now, but just you wait! I will never really go away! No matter how hard you try! I will ALWAYS be around. I’ll be waiting!
I challenge you: make me leave.
Your Faithful and Always Present Companion