Letter to myself:

Ten years ago I made a mistake
Nothing uncommon to man
But I didn’t know how to stand
Inside darkness took it’s place

A soul that was born into light
Gave itself to the unknown
Sold itself to sin, alone
Now cries out in the darkest night

A secret lover he keeps
No comfort his lover provides
Only fosters a darkness inside
His life his lover seeks

The shackles are on-hand
A slave driven by force
Within, the darkest remorse
How can I stand?

You got the best of me. You made me believe that you had something good in store. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it. You made me feel like nothing else could. But I didn’t realise the price I would pay for it. Well f*ck you because I’m done being your b*tch. I’d be selfish to think I am the only person you affect. You have made victims of my friends and family. You have erected walls between myself and those I love. So f*ck you. You might feel good, but you’re running my life, my relationships, the only thing that keeps me afloat in this life. You are treating my loved ones like objects and and burning bridges just to catch a quick high. No. More. See these bindings? See this lust? It is nothing compared to love, thelove of my friends, my family, and most importantly, my God. So go to hell; Heaven’s calling.

Letter from my sex addict:

Go to hell? C’mon. I came from there, because that’s where the fire burns the hottest. And who are you to accuse me? You lit the match, man. Be real, I’ve been here practically as long as you can remember, so can you imagine life without me? You know I’m your weakness. Even though you claim to want “freedom” you know you always call on me in your darkest times, when you need a pick-me-up, when you’ve had a good day, when you meet some one new. c’mon, you reach for me like a college student reaches for coffee. Don’t think I’m just going to go away. You may think I’m your secret lover, but your MY b*tch, and the whole world will know it by the time I’m through with you. We’re in this together, forever, honey buns. So I’ll see you tonight 😉