Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,
This is it, the end for you, the final stroke that will finally destroy you. I’m done with being lied to, used and being afraid. I see you as you really are, lie from the pit of hell.
No longer will you hold me back from what God can really do in my llife. I am child of the King most high, that’s loved, forgiven by the blood, and a new creation.
You will stop hurting my wife, my son, and my daughter. I am not going to let you even be a thought or any evidence found of you in my life. I found you in my dad’s belongings and I wished I hadn’t. However my children will not find you or even hear of you
I am destroying you with the Word of God being applied more. I’m taking this 30 day challenge to cleanse my mind, and soul of you. Anything I can do to bring the light in my life to rid myself of you I am doing it.
For the sake of my marriage and family you must die.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey dude,
You can’t destroy me. I’ve been in your family for generations. I’ve destroyed more families and lives than you can imagine. I’d like to see you try just as you have before and failed. You can’t scare me with that god talk, it meaningless. I will have your son, he will find me, then he will be carrying on the family tradition of addicts. Your daughter even will be mine I’ll have her in the worse marriage possible. Your wife will leave you and then you’ll be really afraid.
Ever since you were a little boy I’ve kept you afraid and that is where you’ll stay. Good luck I’ll see you soon.