Letter to myself:

I hate you. I F@#$*&^ hate you. There is not much more to say. I despise, loathe you, and if I could would kill you. The irony is I’m afraid that I will never kill you or worse wont want to. I’m scared to never look at erotic sexy women other than my wife ever again. I’m scared that I will be missing something great. I know I’m deeply deceived by you, witchcraft sincerely. This is why I’m writing this letter to be done with you, to smash your potions and curses on the ground. To be washed in hyssop and to never look at your boils ever again. Please except my apology as I smash you in the face in Jesus name and tame you the Addict never to run free again, An apology because it is going to hurt not seeing the flowers of the forest or swim free in the ocean of despair you possibly wont have sadness cooped up in where I will put you. The place is called never ever and its origins are unknown, literately I don’t even know except the Father Him Self. Hell is just a name we call the place where sins like you wither away.

This is my hand:
1: I will pray everyday and read my bible for 30min (adoration)
2: I will stay accountable three times a week through the phone, meeting, and possibly a dinner. a) My wife to be (b) My pastor (c) Accountability partner
3: I will attend meetings such as church, recovery, and going out with some brothers specifically dealing in accountability.
4: I will put x3 watch on all my devices and give me fiance my I pad that you have sorrowed over so much.
5: I have hope and with certainty that you will die a horrible death crucified with my Savior which has not taken place yet but will happen sooner rather than later.

Letter from my sex addict:

Shut up your demonic just like me in fact your probably worse off than me. The truth is that you have fun as I do. You are not in despair it is normal what your going through. Think back in biblical times King Solomon, King David, almost every king had hundreds and hundreds of wife’s and concubines…. Well, their just like you,
You deserve all the flowers in the world and I can bring them to you. Just trust and follow me. Love me worship me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

This is my hand:
1: I will tempt you around every corner.
2: I will discourage you with every step.
3: I will use those you love to trample on your heart and condemn you.
4: I will not die and I’m not going anywhere.
5: I will give you something better; my hope and love will always be here for you my lovely servant.