Letter to myself:

Dear desperate man,

I know you want to change and rid yourself of this parasitic sin called lust. It has latched on and been growing steadily for a long time. You are afraid to change, as you are afraid to fail. You are ashamed because you are supposed to be a leader in the church. You want to speak out, but your pride does not allow you to do this. You have been fighting alone and you have been losing. Do not lose hope, just like your name sake, Jehovah will save you from the clutches of lust. God will deliver you.

Be honest as you have lost the trust of the one you need to trust you the most. I know you love your wife. Be accountable to your wife. No longer will you make excuses for your problem. Take it day by day. You have done well so far, do not regress. Temptations will continue and may come back harder than before. Be strong and take courage as God is with you. Find wisdom in the Word of God.

I never imagined you would ever go as far as you have. I am thankful that you have not physically engaged anyone. I am thankful you are trying to deal with this problem before it progressed further to a point of no return.

Be careful not to indulge in immediate physical gratification by sacrificing you soul, marriage, and love. You will eventually lose everything progressing down this path of destruction. Today officially begins your challenge. Interestingly enough, you begin on Valentine’s Day. Should you succeed you will have one more thing to celebrate next year in addition to your first born’s birthday and a celebration of love. Do this not only for yourself, but also for the survival of your entire family.

God is with you,


Letter from my sex addict:

Dear “desperate” man,

I can’t believe you had the balls to call me “desperate”. You sound more desperate, begging me in your letter. Do you honestly think you can get rid of me that easily? Do you think 30 days is good enough? Look around you! Sex is everywhere! Just like your wife said, people in your industry are very likely to have an affair. Doesn’t that excite you?

Good luck trying to get over me. You’ve tried and failed a few time, so what makes this so different? If you go back to being me will probably end your marriage. Your kids, including your unborn son will hate you. After that happens, you’ll go broke for paying for sex or multiple failed marriages. You will never be able to maintain a proper relationship again. You’ll be shunned by friends and family. You will never be able to go to church.

Just give up because you can’t do this alone. Your wife doesn’t even trust you. She is probably thinking you’ll become me again and is just waiting for you to fail. i know you’re afraid of failure so why delay the inevitable? Just give up now before you are a bigger disappointment. You know you’re going to fail again.

Waiting for your demise,