Letter to myself:

You really need to quit. You have been an on-off addict for 45 years. You are a spiritual leader. You teach others how to stop.. You are a hypocrite. You are presuming upon God’s grace. You are damaging your brain with dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. You cannot hope to have happy intimacy in the future if you don’t change. Ultimately, you will be lost if you don’t overcome. Is losing eternal life worth the deception of pornography? The seductresses are just a tool of the devil to take you down to join him in his demise. Are you willing to sell your soul so foolishly? so easily? It’s do or die. Time to decide….

Love forever,

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear God, I am a mess. I thought so many times that i had finally gotten the victory, but it keeps creeping in the back door. I know there is victory available but i have yet to experience it completely. I need someone to love and respect and adore and to be intimate with. I have never loved with my whole heart, and I know you want me to experience healthy love; that’s why you brought Lori Ann into my life, and i want to honor her with pure love, pure thoughts, and exclusive intimacy. Grant that I will forsake once and for all my evil ways and embrace fully your purposes for purity and the resulting joy and peace.