Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,

for 13 long years you went from incest to bestiality to full blown porn. you were even in two programs. one you went through then slipped another you didn’t even finish. Yes you used your bullying powers to bully other just like you were bullied. Your not as strong as you think something has to change. You have to get past the momentary highs and look to God. let me tell that all this is going to change. for one it will not be about some emotional momentary high and it will be about the cross. second i will be honest and fair in all my dealings. third i will pray daily and read my bible. fourth i will not look at anyone lustfully or what they are wearing i will use a contempt line. Fifth i will be faith to the church and where i attend by going to church services and men’s gathering plus fellowships. sixth i will admit all my wrongs and take responsibility for my actions. seventh and last one I will make sure not to use anything at night.. This is finally going to not take a hold of me any longer nor will the momentary high take control of me. I will daily focus on the cross and daily change all my habits. You are done this self centered part of me is done. Goodbye.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey Sex addict,

you think you got it all together well think it through. I am only giving you 20 minutes to think it over then you know what will happen if you don’t make the right choice. you think your though and a bully haha you don’t know what you are deep down inside. Your hurting so bad and know you have shut you mouth. no wants to deal with you and everyone claims your free but i am using that as a front so i can use you as my weapon of destruction. Yes to have the demons in you will make my plan work. you will be so confused even worse then you have been that you will not even know what is going on. if you make the wrong choice or relapse will make sure your pastor, friends, and even family hates you, if your pastor tries to tell you something i will make sure you don’t understand what he is saying. I will make church and christian activities just another momentary high. You will only be a pharisee and when you do things you will do it as a religious ritual. Just as you have figured out porn addiction will not work for you i will lie in wait for you at every turn. You better be sure you really want this and that it is not some momentary high. if you do the wrong thing i will set you up to fail and make an example of you. You will even be found out by the people and the police. You will even go to jail and you will wish you could end your life. It is not going to be easy no it is not. Think this over in 20 minutes hard and long. This is your Choice because if you make the wrong choice things will start to go crazy fast and faster then you can think. It will be so fast then when Sunday comes i will have you stand before your pastor crying and all messed up having to confess what a lonely weak sad person you are then when he does not want to hear it you will walk away in misery and confusion. Think hard. I am closer then you think.