Dear Sex Addict,

I’m sure you have noticed by now, at least I hope you have, but I am fed up with you. You always come back when I don’t want you to and leave me feeling worse than before. You told me you would be bring me comfort, but that never happened. I know what you do to me now. The Lord has shown me the truth about it all. No longer will I be fooled into thinking that it is just how I am. The truth will set me free. You may think I am weak, but I tell you this, I will not go down without a fight. In fact, there is no way I can lose now. I am not fighting this fight alone. I have my friends, my family, and my God who are all supporting me and know that I want to be a better person. I will not back down from this challenge and you WILL be defeated. I will not lie to my friends about what I am doing. I will not lie to my GOD about what I am doing. I will work hard and face the challenges ahead of me. I will win this fight. I will make sure that someone knows what I am doing. If I get sad, I will get right back up because I know the fight is on. You will not conquer me. You have no control over me anymore. You can take all the crap you have given me and shove it. No one will stop me from beating you. Not even me. I know there are better things beyond this battle. A life that lives in the light. I am bringing the Ark of the Lord to this battle, so prepare to be defeated. My confidence is in the Lord.

Know that your days are numbered. The battle has just begun.

Your conqueror,