I’m through!!! I’m through letting you steal my joy and happiness. I have SO many good things in my life, but you keep overshadowing all of them. I’M NOT YOU!! You are a lie I bought into. You are a stumbling block I have never let come. Starting today that all changes. Starting today I become me again.

I am a father, a son, a husband, a friend, and a brother. I am NOT a slave to homesexual desires and porn addiction. You don’t get to win. I am stronger than I know, and with God I will find that strength again and overcome you. “We will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony.” I denounce you and take back the power I have allowed you to have all these years.

You snuck in to my life because I chose to believe what others said, but they didn’t know the truth and I do. I am a strong man and will not be defeated. Get ready because this is war, and I won’t surrender.

I have a beautiful and loving wife and daughter and they deserve better than this, I deserve better than this. My love for them is stronger than your hold, and it will overcome anything you try to throw at me. I know it will be hard, but my life has never been easy and I’ve overcome everything else. What makes you any different??

I’m done!!!!!