Letter to myself:

I hate this, I’ve hated this for a long time. Now as I sit here in Shame for what was done, I can’t hide it anymore. Just remember that it DOES NOT make things better, it doesn’t make you feel better, it doesn’t fix the stress in your life, it doesn’t meet a need, it is not Beneficial in ANY WAY. The Lies that you believe in the moment are astonishing. It makes no sense. This only destroys you…..it will destroy you and the most important relationships with your wife and your kids. You MUST turn away from porn and lust. It could destroy your business, just life in general. Remember this day, remember the shame, let the Truth be set as a foundation, as a pillar, something that is rooted deep in your soul. You Can battle and defeat this enemy as an equal participant with God and his spirit. Control your mind, control your eyes. Live in Victory.

Letter from my sex addict:

Man you seem to fall for the lies I tell you all the time. “Hey your stressed out, there is too much pressure, you need a relief.” And you fall again. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get you to look at porn. You hate this side of you but you haven’t been able to kick me out. I’m out to destroy you. I’m out to destroy your family. I’m out to destroy any influence you have on people for you faith. And you don’t even put up a fight most of the time. Don’t Believe My Lies.