Letter to myself:

You are not the only one out there that you know personally that struggles with what you struggle with. This may have started at a young age of playing doctor with a friend. This may have started when learning about your boyfriend dealing with pornography. This may have started with watching more and more PG-13 romantic movies growing up or it may be a combination of all those things that has brought you to this point but it can and will be overcome by you:

1. Being honest with yourself and God daily and hourly
2. Reading and Meditating on God’s Word daily
3. Putting boundaries up not to be alone in your room with your computer
4. Telling your friends when tempted to pray, talk, and encourage you
5. Having accountability partners your own gender
6. Making goals and sticking to them
and 7. Doing something else instead of listening to Satan to get rid of the temptation like reading a book, painting, or walking.

You have people who are there for you, praying for you and are rooting for you to beat this!

Satan has no power against you by the power of God.

Letter from my sex addict:

You really think you can beat me? I mean, your mom has dealt with me at a time in her life and it really is no big deal to continue to do. You gain the pleasure you desire, Everyone has something they struggle with and for you it is me. I will continue to make you feel good for a short while, I will make sure you never forgive yourself for what you have done. Do you really not want to feel good? I will always be here for you.