i kno it’s been long and you keep taking me and getting me in but now its time to stop see how i’ve slowed you down yeah thats cause i really wanna get rid of you why would i ever keep you all you do is mess up everything and make me sad and add more stress and i think it’s time for a change and I will act against you and prevent you from ever coming back and what im going to do to make this happen is well alot of things
1. im going to start back working out but instead of looking at the girls in the program im going to listen the the mans voice and workout
2. im going to eat healthy
3. im going to open up
4. im going to read my bible and study my work
5. i will think good things
6. i will get help
and honestly for now i dont kno what else im going to do but i know that im done with you so goodbye we are no longer one *closes door* !!!