Letter to myself:

Well, it’s about time. You’ve dealt with this for years and now you are realizing that it’s time to move forward or choose the world. You can’t be a voice for healing and hope when you are stuck yourself. You can’t be a strong leader in the church if you are living two lives. You can’t be a godly husband if you are constantly struggling and lying to your wife. You need to find healing. You need to let go of this. If you continue on in this, you WILL lose everything or you will continue on living a double life not being effective in God’s Kingdom. You have made this bed. No one forced this on me, I choose it and I choose to hide it. No more one more time. It will never be a good thing. It will never end well. It will never satisfy. It will always leave you disgusted with yourself and wishing you had a way out. Give it up. Don’t give in. Let it go. Slay this sin.

Letter from my sex addict:

Thank you for taking the steps to walk towards healing. Thank you for not letting this control you any longer. It will be a tough 30 days, but don’t give in to the temptation. Prove to yourself and to the enemy that you are strong because of the Holy Spirit. Don’t lose hope. You can get better.