Letter to myself:

Pornography has controlled you. You are not who you want to be, you are not who God has called you to be, and if you continue you are not going to be the Husband or father you are called to be Eli! You have let this control your life for over 2 years now. enough is enough. It is time to take back what the enemy has stolen from you. Your mind is controlling you instead of you controlling your mind, and if you dont get this under control now you will be an addict for the rest of your life! DO NOT allow your thoughts to slowly wander into the sexual curiousity that has been keeping you addicted to this. It is trying to stick to you and ruin the marraige God wants you to have. The enemy is trying to destroy what God has given you, **** is your God given gift and you WILL LOOSE HER if you do not fix this. You know if you do loose her you will never see the many promises and the plan God has for your life. Guard your mind and perservere. You can do this! God is on your side, if the lord is for you who can stand against you? The God the spoke this earth into motion isnt scared of your addiction, he is here to help you and will restore you. Watch Sincerely Freedom daily to remind yourself where you have been and where you are going! you have made it a month or more before but you let your mind wader and backslide into the muck you pulled yourself out of. Do not become the dog the returns to its vomit! you are better than this. if you dont fix this there will be strain in your marraige and you will never get to enjoy it the way God intended. your mind is confused and your views on sex is totally skewed because of the poison you have fed your mind. pray every day for help and restoration. Spend a few minutes praying and read your Bible, quit slacking and not doing it because you cant resist this if you have no backup! you cant do this alone! IF you cant do it for yourself do it for her, be the man she deserves instead of the hollow shell youve become, you feel empty and worthless. God will make you full till you overflow! You have to start the process and stick with it though. Your actions are are causing bad things to happen to those around you that you care about most, its not your parents anymore, **** is getting the reprocussions of your actions and she has done nothing wrong, spare her the troubles and clean yourself up! i wish i could go back to that 11 year old boy that accidentaly seen those images, and tell him not to become curious and keep looking. EXIT NOW!!!!!!!! Dont look, save your future self the troubles you will have! You are a man, you need no assistance to figure out what is going on, nature already knows. I cant tell you this enough, you will loose the best thing that has ever happened to you, and BREAK HER HEART. You want to protect her and yet you are going to do more damage than anything else she has gone through in her life has done. the emotional pain worse than a torturous death is what you will do to her. Please , PLEASE, run away from this silent addiction. Signed, your future….. it hangs in the balance.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hello, my name is doubt. Im very convicing, i will tell you to keep everything a secret and never to get help. i linger and do everything i can to make you second guess any decisions that could help you get freedom from addictions. i will make you think of things you shoudnt and trick you into looking at them. i work hand in hand with curiosity. i make you feel like a cure isnt possible, i make you think there is no way out. i slowly eat away at you till you are so stuck in your rut that you will never climb out. i work and work at you to destroy your future. and if you continue to work with me i promise i will. so will you continue the journey or will you get help while you still have a chance?