Letter to myself:

Dear addiction

All my life i have grown up believing that i am useless. As a child you stole what is most valuable to me. You stole my innocence when i was 11 years old. At 15 you stole my confidence. At 19 you had me believing that no one loved me and that i would never accomplish anything in my life. At 20 you tried to kill me. You had me believing that their was no point to live. Right before i was about to commit the biggest mistake that anyone could ever commit, suicide, Jesus saved me. When you told me that morning, “no one loves you” and you said “kill yourself”, i was going to follow through and do it but i didn’t! Jesus spoke to me that morning as well and guess what he said, he said he loves me. I am only standing here alive today because of him! At 26 i am here today to tell you that you lied to me. How could you take advantage of a child? How could you trick me into thinking that you were real? These questions i may not know why you did these things but today i realize what you did and i tell you that from now on i will no longer your slave! I will no longer believe anything you say! I know that you will always be watching me, waiting to see if i fall. You will always be planning a plot to destroy me. Today i tell you that your plot to destroy me will not prevail. I mark this 17th day of February 2015 the end of my destruction! I will attend all services at my church! I will not lie to my accountability partners or my wife! I will tell the truth no matter what. I will continue to seek God daily. As a musician i will build an alter at home to worship God whenever i feel like it and even when i don’t. I will worship him all day everyday making me a worshiper of God! I will continue to read the Bible every day. I will fast against you once a week until you are completely out of my life. I will continue to do these things so that you can continue to stay away from me. I will be cautious of what i watch and hear. When i have kids i will show them the love of Jesus and let them know that they can do anything they desire through Jesus Christ! I will be a better husband for my wife and let her know that she is all i need to fufill my sexual desires. I will tell her i love her everyday. With all of this being said, i declare my victory over you. No longer will i serve you or give in! I will serve Jesus because he saved me from myself, from you! He has shown me a love and has done things in my life that i never experienced especially not with you! Oh and i almost forgot, to make you feel some type of way, i will help others with the same problem. I will help them renounce you and get closer to God! And if you think i can’t do it, ill leave you with this, “I can do anything through Christ that gives me strength” !



P.S You almost had me!

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear addict

Ok i don’t even know where to start. You have told me this so many times before, i don’t believe you! You can’t leave me! Your weak! Tripping you is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Wait, you were a baby.. ha ha! Don’t blame me blame your parents for that one. All i have to say is you better be for real this time! You know what am capable of. You have have seen what i can do in your life. I got you fired from your job, i sat you down in decipline at your church, not to mention i embarrassed you in front of everyone that day, you remember? I broke your wifes heart, and at that she doesn’t trust you anymore. Not only that but because of me she now has the upper hand in your relationship! You have no authority over her or anyone. Thats why no one listens to you! Your the laughing stock of the church, eveyone always talks behind you saying how your wife has the pants in the relationship! Not only that but your whole family thinks that of you as well. Your father is ashamed of you, your mother tells you to grow a pair and your not an example to your brother either. I have also ruined your chances of becoming sucessfull in your own business. Your finances are to the ground because of me and the list goes on…Those are just a couple of things i have done. I will continue to do more if you give in, which i know you will! And you helping others? Yeah right! Don’t make me laugh, you cant even help yourself! Anyways, ill leave you with this, 7… 7 times will come back greater and stronger in your life if you fall. And trust me ill be coming back full force! Ill see you soon, i know you won’t last without me!


You already know

P.S ill have you again