Letter to myself:

Hello and goodbye.

There is no room for you in my life anymore. I give up on you! I am washing my hands of you and never looking back. You never did a thing for me, but you made all kinds of empty promises. I remember crying because of you. You were the urge and the compulsion when I needed to let go and fill myself up with something better.

It was never good to have you in my life. As much as my ex hurt me, you were worse. You ruined my first marriage, and you’re trying to ruin this one. I will not let you. I have my Father, and He’s bigger than you. Make all the excuses you want, but you’ll fall short every time. Get out of my life. And stay out. I’m putting up a sign here and now: No Vacancy.


Letter from my sex addict:

I’m always going to be around. I’ll wait until you’ve dropped your defense for a split second and I will crawl back into you. Hey, I’ll even throw a party and invite my friends! We’ll see what we can really get you into. You might think you’re done with me, but think again.