Dear Sex Addict,
I am sick and tired of you ruining everything good in my life. You only bring pain and destruction through the enticing lies that you tell me. No matter where I turn I feel your nagging and when life gets hard you always offer “support”. Well, I’m done with your kind of help. I despise what you’ve done to me. I loathe what you’ve made me. I hate what you’ve left inside of me. You have hurt me for the last time. How have you hurt me you ask? You have:
1. Made me feel ashamed
2. Made me feel alone
3. Made me feel empty
4. Made me feel inadequate
5. Made me feel like a loser
6. Made me feel unworthy of love
7. Made me feel depressed
8. Made me think less of myself
Your chaotic persuasion has no more effect on my mind. I seek freedom from the Lord. I no longer fall for your trap and your “feel good” flavor is now bland. How am I free from you? I am free because:
1. God has set me free and I walk in that freedom
2. I remain transparent in everything I do. No more hiding my actions
3. I am connected to an accountability group
4. I have close brethren that I commit to being honest with
5. I no longer feed my flesh with garbage (ex: movies, shows, magazines)
6. I stay connected with my church
7. I talk to God on a daily basis
8. I read the Word and find the truth about myself
You see, I have a new perspective on things and you aren’t in this equation. My motivations are numerous:
1. I’ll stay pure for my future wife
2. I’ll stay pure for my future children
3. I want healthy relationships with women
4. I want friendships that are deeper and more meaningful
5. I want other people to experience the same freedom that I have
6. God will use my story and experiences for His glory
7. I want the “blameless” life Paul speaks of in the Bible
8. I want the lasting joy; not passing happiness
In other words, you have no place in my life. This is my farewell….no that’s too polite. This is my, GET THE HECK OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU LIFE SUCKING MONSTER goodbye. I never want to see you again. And if you ever do creep your head up, rest assured that I will level you to the ground with the power of my heavenly Father!

Good luck finding a home,