Consider this the first day of the last of your life! I am through living the lie. I’m finished believing yours. Starting today, starting now everything changes. I’m no longer afraid to live without you, without the lie. I’m killing you off because you have poisoned my mind, corrupted my heart ruined countless relationships. You have hindered my witness for God. This is unforgivable!
You will be exorcised by myself through the power of the Holy Spirit with extreme prejudice. In order to do this I’m going to spend every moment getting as close to God in every way humanly possible. Especially through prayer, worship, bible study and offering up the thoughts from you directly to God. Each time I’m reminded of the horrible decisions I’ve made I will use those as motivation to allow God to make me a better man.
I’m doing this because you have separated me from God, you have stolen what we had. He saved me, not you!