Dear Addict,

Hello there. I think this has been a long time coming. You know, more than anything else, I feel bad for you. However, I am angry at you.

You lied to me You told me you were strong. You told me you had this. You told me that if I just did what you wanted me to do there wouldn’t be anymore pain or hurt. That it would all go away and I wouldn’t feel anything. Why did you lie to me? Why did you deceive me? You knew how much hurt I was in! You took advantage of me!

You told me you were strong. But really you’re weak. You don’t have power. You’re just a scared little boy who’s too afraid to let people get close to him.

And, all these years, you’ve told me how unworthy I was of God’s love. You told me that you were more important. That because of you, I couldn’t ever be free. I couldn’t ever have peace. I couldn’t ever be pure.

You told me that nobody would want me. That I was too dirty and unclean. That I was damaged goods. You told me that I was hopeless and too far gone to ever be repaired. You told me I didn’t deserve love. You told me I lost my anointing and that Christ’s plans for me were gone because of you.

I have news for you! YOU’RE WRONG. I’ve finally come to realize there is one who loves me. There is one who doesn’t look at me as damaged goods. There is one who loves me. There is one who thinks I’m worthy. There is one who loves me. And there is one who makes all things new, and He is making me new.

Remember all that training I got over the summer about how to beat you. Well, today it starts. I’m waging war against you, and guess what, I have the Host of Heaven’s armies on my side and there is NOTHING you can do about. Jesus washed me in His blood, and I AM FREE. I AM CLEAN. I AM NEW. His love is never ending, His cross is never failing, and His redemption is calling me home. So tonight, I’m coming home. The Holy Spirit is upon me and I do have the power to beat you. Prepare for war. And prepare to lose, for you do not stand a chance.

I am new. I am loved. I am worthy. I am whole. I am restored. Christ has great plans for me. And Christ has anointed me to do His work. And Christ has forgiven me and covered me in His grace. I don’t have to listen to your lies anymore.

So, this is goodbye. You’ve been exposed, and now you can’t hide behind your lies anymore.

The Transformed Me