Letter to myself:

I am an addict, we can try and mas it all i want but it’s true. I need help i can’t do this alone. It’s ruining my relationships with friends, family and most importantly the one i have with Jesus. I am being wrecked by pornoraphy and it’s internet grip on me it’s leavin me afraid that i will never be free. I AM GOING TO FIGHT IT, I AM NOT GOING TO LET IT KNOCK ME DOWN AGAIN, I WILL DIE FOR MYSELF AND MY FLESHLY DESIRES. Please pray for me, pray fervently for me because i will never win by my strenght, only with God’s strenght can i do it.

Letter from my sex addict:

I will, i will pray for you, i know it’s hard trust me, always remember when you are feelin like you are about to give, reach out to GOD and he will help you, always remember “blessed are the pure in heart for they will see GOD”, never forget to feed your spiritual self read your bible, pray all so that your relationship with Jesus can be strenghtened. NOW GO AND ANGLE SLAM THAT ADDICTION AS MANY TIME AS YOU NEED TO BE FREE!