Letter to myself:

I am tired of being imprisoned by you. I am tired of being confused by the dirty and empty urges which destroy my body and relationship with God. You know what sex addict I love my God, he chose me may years ago. Each time I begin to have a steady communion with God, when I begin to enjoy the happiness of being God’s child you come like a lightning and sway my mind into the deep and dark pit of pornography. When you come I can’t control my mind, you just take over and push me to the Internet to watch porn to experience the sugar coated sin which has leaves me feeling guilty, hopeless and lost. Fearing even to kneel down and pray because the state of filthiness I find myself in. I have begun my journey to complete victory over you. I am tired I am tired I am tired!! You are defeated in Jesus Name. Thank You Father for overcoming my sexual addiction.

Letter from my sex addict:

At one point 8 months passed without watching porn and being defiled. But the urge came back in instant and was down on my face. I surrender all to Jesus Christ and I am victorious by faith in Jesus Name.