Letter to myself:

Hey, I have finally realized that I was unable to beat you by myself. I had told myself that I could do it – that I was strong enough, that I loved my wife enough. And I could for a time… but you would wear me down with your lies. You would tell me that it was okay to just look once, that she wouldn’t find out, and that it wouldn’t matter. I fell for your tricks and now I have hurt myself, my wife, and God. I have admitted that I have a problem, and I have decided to seek help. This time will be different. I have a plan.

Letter from my sex addict:

Oh really? I am just going to do the same thing that I have always done. No matter what you do, I will be there in the background, whispering and waiting for you to stumble. I will ruin you, your marriage, and your relationship with God. I have been slowly destroying you for years, and I will not let you go so easily. You are weak and you are mine.