Letter to myself:

i am no longer going to be a slave to you. i am a child of God. i have the same power that raised Jesus from life inside me. & i am ready to use that power. all you ever made me feel was shame & guilt. my body is Gods temple and i need to respect my body. my eyes should not be seeing anything vile. i know God wanted me to get out of my sin. you are deceitful and have taken my years with your lies. im tired of the way you made me feel when i would look at the filthy things. i no longer want to be in chains to this bondage. i am free in Jesus’s name. you are no longer in control of my life when i am alone and on my phone. all those preverted thought are eliminated & i am going to fill my thoughts with the Word of God. from this point foward you are dead to me. all done with your lies. Christ is the one that will be leading my life, not you. i am no longer a victim of your trap. In Jesus’s name i rebuke you and cast you out! Amen

Letter from my sex addict:

lol are you positive about leaving me? we both know that you cannot live without me. you may go a couple days fine, but then comes back that craving. youve tried to get rid of me so many times, but it hasnt work. why are you so sure that this time it will work? you must be out of your mind. but good luck to you. i know will see you in a couple days