Dear sex addict,
For all these years you’ve been telling me that I’m too weak to break free from you. I thought I’d white-knuckle it but I always came crawling back to you but here is the truth, the reality that I choose to believe:
1.I am deeply loved by the one true God. When Jesus died for my sins he took my porn addiction into account. The Son doesn’t condemn me.
2.The love of Jesus is getting a bear hug on me in the midst of my brokenness – you cannot separate me from the love of Christ.
3. My family and friends already, porn, warts and all.
4. This is the one you don’t want to hear the most… You turn to pornography because you are broken and lonely. You can’t even begin to realize how hurt you are by your lack of a relationship with your dad, he should have shown you how to be a man. You harbor grudges against those guys you went to high school with. It angered you too hear that you weren’t ‘black enough’, athletic enough. You chose to live in a fantasy world where porn was your only release. It gave you unrealistic expectations about what is considered beautiful. You wish to tell me that we’re unworthy of being loved but that’s a lie! I am loved. You won’t lead me to believe that getting a girlfriend (or inevitably getting married) will ‘cure’ me of my addiction.
I am going to safeguard my heart so that Jesus can work on healing me by doing the following:
1.I will read the Bible, focus on the grace I’ve been given and continue going to church community groups.
2. When I choose you and porn over God, I will turn to scripture to read of the grace Jesus has given me.
3. I will continue to use my X3 watch accountability software and when I attempt to lie to my accountability partners by getting porn from other sources, I will acknowledge my lies before them and God.
4. I will study our triggers and ask for advice on how to deal with them.
5. When you tell me that all hope is lost, I will cry out to Jesus who will renew, strengthen me so that I will finish the race Jesus has brought before me. Jesus died for the worst in me and you. Your days are numbered.
From your other half