Letter to myself:

Dear sexual addict
I’m sick of your grip on my life all your lies and traps your false sense of gratification, Your mind-binding ability and your control over my mind and life. I’m sorry for paricipating and believing all the demons that you bring with you ( fear, bondage, perversion, shame, depression, hopelessness and many more) I have pushed the Holy Spirit away and embraced your lies. I’m done in participating with your stupid sexual schemes and foul unclean abominable spirits. I was your but i am not yours anymore. You have successfully trapped me in my way of thinking and kept me in slavery. But it’s over. I have have been bought with a HIGH price the Holy Blood of Jesus, I am his, I have his spirit. It’s done you are a defeated little wimp, you were publicly shamed by JesusChrist on the cross of calvary. Your hopelessly trying to win a battle that you already lost against Jesus. I not going to believe your lies of fear and hopelessness.
And what’s my plan ? I choose to believe the Word of God over your lies. I’m going to practice what I learn on the 30 day porn-free challenge. I’m gonna seek after the presence of the Almighty. I gonna stand everyday and exercise the authority Christ has given me over you. And I’m gonna stay faithful in my men’s group.

Letter from my sex addict:

From sexual addict
Ooo man you talk so much, you’ve been telling me this for a looong time, and has anything changed ? You really think your ever gonna be free from me you, you think I’m just gonna let go after holding on tightly for three years? Well think twice. Every time you think you got an inch over me I’m gonna pounce on you so bad and I’m gonna bring 7 more devils worse than me. And than will see how great your faith is. And what you really believe. I’m gonna leave you so bad your not going to want to get married. And if you do I’ll mess up your relationship so bad it will be beyond recovery and it will For sure end up in divorce. Don’t worry I’ll be there