Letter to myself:

Dear hurt one, Things happened to you that were beyond your control. Finding magazines that you shouldn’t have found as a child, your curiosity got the best of you and ultimately it was your flesh that won out. But I have news for you : By the power of Jesus, my healer and deliverer, I will no longer be bound by you. I will no longer fall for your tricks and triggers. I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus and you have no more dominion over me. Because I am His, I can boldly come before His throne and pray and He will recover and keep me. I’ve taken steps to keep you out of my life. Your excuses were never valid. You have no power over me. I will be open to my husband and celebrate recovery sisters about anything that will keep me bound to you. No more secrets. First, I will confess them to my Heavenly Father then my husband then my sisters in Christ. I will attend weekly celebrate recovery programs and Bible studies. I will pray and read the Word daily. I will ask for prayer when I need it. Keeping you in the dark all of these years are over and God knew me all along. I am worth fighting for. You tried to tear my life apart but God is giving everything back that you have stolen. There’s no hiding in Him and with that, I will fight with all of my might in the Spirit and cut you down. I will get well soon and I will help pull others up and out to freedom. With sincerity, no longer yours

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear poor miserable girl, you are nothing without me. I make you feel good. I make you you. I am you and there’s no separating us. You’re going to miss all of the misery I put you through because you’re a pessimist. You’ll never be satisfied without me. I continually keep you feeling guilty and ashamed. Won’t you miss that? Of course, you’ll come crawling back and when you do, I’ll be here for you like I’ve always been. I’ll keep you arguing with your husband, withdrawn from your church and friends, and I’ll keep you from ever growing. You’ll wound up divorced and lonely like you were meant to be. But you’ll always have me. I hope you never get well.