Letter to myself:

You have kept me in bondage longer than necessary. I break chains from you today and tomorrow and every day that follows. God has given me a plan and I give God my word that I will follow it with His help and guidance from Him and those who follow Him. God has put me on a path where my guidance helps the generation after me and they need to know that a man is only as good as his word. If I say that I’m free of you, then they hold me accountable because I have to be true to my word . if I say no more, then my thoughts will not stray, my eyes will not fail me, my body will not betray me. God has a plan and that includes a wonderful woman who helps my thoughts stay with God and ultimately her. God has given me a plan.

Letter from my sex addict:

I haven’t kept you in bondage. You have kept me as a friend to lean on when everyone betrays you. A man is only good as his word?! Men lie, cheat and steal! You yourself have the gift of the silver tongue! I am no master to you, but a faithful servant who has never left you. You always come back to me. You can go a few days, sometimes a week if you’ve been busy, but you always come back