Dear Sex Addict:

I’m so tired of you hanging around. I’ve known you all my life and it’s been a frustrating acquaintance. I’ve never really liked you, but didn’t know how to say goodbye or make you go away for good. Well, this is it. This is my goodbye letter. You are not welcome around anymore.

You have caused so much destruction in my life. Because of you, I struggle with self-confidence and feelings of inadequacy. Because of you, my wife has ongoing feelings of insecurity and poor body image. Because of you, I struggle to obey Jesus Christ. Because of you, I am in bondage to my flesh. Because of you, I lie about my thoughts and actions to those who care about me most. Because of you, I am held back from the things I want most.

You. Are. Finished.

I know why you’re here- at least the reasons I’ve always told myself. It’s because of the experience I had in sixth grade with Tim. It’s because my dad never loved me the way I needed. It’s because I deserve it when I don’t get sex when I want it. It’s because I deserve a break from the stress of reality.

In truth, it’s all because of you- you trick me into believing these half truths and outright lies. You have it out for me. You want control over me. You need some kind of grip over my life to keep me from living a life of freedom and power in Jesus Christ. You have had it, but I am deceived no longer.

Starting now, I find my confidence and adequacy in Jesus Christ. Starting now, my wife will see that she holds the only place in my heart and she is beautiful to me- she doesn’t have to compete or feel insecure. Starting now, I say “Yes” to Jesus- whatever he asks. Starting now, I walk in the freedom that Jesus gave me on the cross. Starting now, I am a truth teller- No matter the consequences, I will not cover up my thoughts or actions to those who care about me the most, even when it hurts them.

So this is goodbye. I won’t miss you. You were never welcome. This is the end.