Letter to myself:

I want you to get out of my life and never ever come back again! you’ve destroyed so many important things in my life i’ve protected for a long time, and you have had no any guilt when you’ve done that. You’ve brought my life hundreds of guilt and fear. I’ve lost chances and life’s good and beautiful things, in short, you’ve made my life a mess. I’ve cried many times because of your unstoppable presence. And again I say this to you, get lost! i want to change and give my life a better future. I have so many things to do and enjoy, and i want to do all of that without you. I want to serve God with purity because i want to offer this life to God acording to His standards. This time, i will not let you pull me back again just to fulfill your desires. I will do all my best just to diminish your existence! Start counting your days!

Letter from my sex addict:

In my whole existence, I have not ever heard you saying thank you for all the good things i’ve done in your life! i give you orgasms! good feelings and satisfaction. Also, i helped you in finding your answers about your curiosities. Have a heart, man! and now, you want me to get out of your life? let us see how long you will stand for your selfish ambition.. you can’t live without this guy,,, hoping for your good luck!