Letter to myself:

I can see why you started looking at pornography especially homoerotic pornography, but I can’t see why you will not stop, it has been too long, why do you continue when you have been given power to stop, how long will you ignore the way out, how long will you deny the help that is there. You know this is not what you want out of life, you know that you want to settle down, fall in love, why do you sabotage God’s plans for you, I know you feel unworthy but God doesn’t see you the way you see you. Accept the help that is on offer, turn to Jesus in times of need and stress.
What you are doing is ruining your life, spoiling the plans that are to prosper you, imagine who more difficult it is not to open up to anyone when you find yourself disgusting, that’s why you fail in love, if you can’t love yourself then you think no one else can or will, that’s just not true, open your eyes to the love all around you……

Letter from my sex addict:

I like to watch pornography, it relieves stress and makes me feel good, why do I need to stop, you can’t make me stop even if you wanted to, it’s been over 25 years whats changed……HA HA HA……I’m not harming anyone by watching porn so why stop.