I’m done with you. I will not let you control me anymore. I will NOT give in another time. You have lied to me. About who I am. About what I’m capable of. About what love is. And I’m done. I’m done listening to your lies forever. You will no longer have any power over me. I know the truth now. And I will not let myself get caught up in the sin that so easily entangles. I won’t. I’m serious this time. This is what I’m prepared to do to avoid you at all costs:
-Submit myself in prayer to God to send me an accountability partner to tell all about my past with you and keep me accountable so that I never fall into your lies again
-Remind myself that it’s one day at a time so that I don’t get discouraged by your lies.
-Ask God to break my heart for the people who participate in pornography
-Ask God daily for the strength to resist your temptation
-Remind myself daily that I am God’s precious princess and that I no longer have to believe the lie that I am alone, for He is always with me
I have hope in the Lord God and I know that he will strengthen me to overcome you. I’m not afraid of you anymore. I am a strong woman of God and I no longer have to listen to your lies. I am running to God’s arms and I’m never looking back.
Goodbye Forever.