You will be dethroned. Do you think you’ve really won the crown of my heart? Well, you’re wrong because you just won that round. The game of chess over my heart isn’t over yet. My King still has one more move. In fact, He has many moves up His sleave. He is the true King of my heart and my life, not you. Not this habit. I am done feeling empty and ashamed and lonely and afraid because of this idolatry and adultery.
And I already know who wins this war and that is my King. He has saved me, forgiven me, and helped me. And He will keep helping me not to slip and keep forgiving me every time I do fall, picking me back up. So I will rise and you will fall. I will not be had. I will not be deceived. You have tried to convince me porn is a sinless, harmless, normal activity but let me break it down:

1. Pornography IS SINFUL. Matthew 5:28 says ‘But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.’ When looking at porn, I have found myself with lustful thoughts. And it is not just an issue of adultery, but moreso of idolatry. Trying to fill a hole in my heart that only the Lord can fill. Trying attain worldy pleasure in place of God’s perfect plan of pleasure.

2. Pornography IS HARMFUL. It has been widely known to destroy marriages, friendships, families, careers, and more. It implants thoughts and desires that can escalate significantly.

3. Pornography is ABNORMAL. It has unfortunately become a social normality, but it is NOT normal. It is off. It is watching other people do something that should be private. It is viewing and expiriencing things that should only take place between my wife and I. Sexuality belongs between me and my wife and my wife and me. No more than that.

So here is what I say to you: Jesus is the King of my heart and the victor of this battle. There is nothing that can seperate me from His love and forgiveness. And I am through with you.

You have been DETHRONED.