Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,
You love porn. Porn is your life. Porn has run your life for too long. You need to stop. Porn has ruined your life. You are hurting and need help. You have pushed God away for so long and now you are wondering why you are hurting. Porn is the center of your life. You run to it when you are feeling down or board. You feel you will never get enough so you keep going back for more. Porn has hurt you. It had broken you. But you keep going right back to it. Will you ever stop? Jesus wants to help you. But you keep pushing him away and going back to porn. You have looked at porn for too long. You have said enough of this so many times and never really fought it. Its time to divorce yourself from the person Greg wants to be. Its time to fight this war one moment at a time. Its time to be real and honest with yourself and say I need help. You are hurting and broken and need to be fixed.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Self,
You have looked at porn for too long. You have pushed Jesus away for a very long time and you say you wont turn your back on God anymore. But you keep right on doing that. You turn your back on God and run to porn every time you are hurting or feeling sad or board. You need to stop. This cycle needs to stop. You need to get help. You Need Jesus. Trust in Jesus and read the bible again. Get back into prayer. This needs to end. You need to fight the good fight and dont give up. Never back down or look back on this fight. Its a war that needs to be dealt with. Only you can do this with the help of Jesus. So now is the time to turn to Jesus and trust HIM.