Letter to myself:

I hate that my attention was ever brought to you. I try to get myself away from you but you just won’t let me go. I want to be set free from you, for good. I don’t want you to take over my life anymore. When I said I’m done with you, I want to mean it. Because of you, I can’t be the person God wants/needs me to be. You got me chained up and I’m trying to break free. Every bit of chain I break, I start to think that I am becoming free from you. But you always seem to find someway to keep adding more and more chains. So its like I never broke any in the first place. God is my Lord, He will help me overcome you.

Letter from my sex addict:

You know every since you were 15, I was a part of your life. You think you can be set free of me. Ha. Okay, we’ll see about that. Bet I’ll be back in your life in no time. You’ve only gone about 2 months with me and then you came crawling back to me. So I’m not worry because you know where home is at. Just remember when nobody else was there for you, I was.