Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict, im here to reclaim what is rightfully mine…my life. Ive spent to long ignore you and pushing to my side thinking that you would go away yourself but that just wasnt the case. So im taking a stand im gonna turn my back on you and walk away. Ive had enough of the late nights, over exaggerated toliet trips thinking about you and the thoughts that go through my head everytime I see a pretty girl. Ive just had enough. I am no longer going to let you ‘own’ me.

That time when a first lay my eyes on you a few years back was when it all began, only if I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop. Its time to give up because the bible says “I can do all things through him who gives me strength” you’ve affected my relationship ship with my parents, my friends and most importantly God. My expectations from my wife (hopefully ill het married) will be way off because of you. Even as im writing this letter your tempting me with that incognito tab.

Ive only recently open up about my addition to my mentor and he is going to help me see the back of you, God will always help me throughout this never ending battle with you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hahaha very fun, you’re going down this road again, you think your going to be able to turn your back on me, Remember what happened last time amd the 100 times before that. Yes thats right you came straight back to me in your time of need. Im bigger than you think im not just some balloon that floats of in the wind no no, im more like your shadow, im not there when everything is bright and well, im there when its dark and your all alone. Just you remember im only ever 1 click away…